Fees & Payment Information

Insurance Plans

Insurance is not accepted, but if your plan offers out-of-network benefits, you can usually get some reimbursement. Clients with Anthem/Blue Cross, Humana, and United Behavioral Health have all been able to obtain reimbursement. You should call your insurance to determine your benefits for out-of-network providers, and our office will also contact your insurer to get your visits preauthorized as needed.


Many clients are disappointed that our services are not in-network with their insurance plans. It can be hard to imagine paying for a service that you thought was already covered by your existing benefits! Unfortunately, most OCD specialists are out-of-network. The reason for this is because treating OCD requires considerably more time, effort, and specialized training than typical psychotherapeutic techniques. OCD therapists don't just sit in the office and passively listen to your problems. We conduct an in-depth assessment to best understand your unique issues. We devise a treatment plan, assign homework, check homework, make check-in calls, and do home visits. We may also be working with clients at their workplace, at malls, clubs, public restrooms, or even on an airplane! Sessions are twice as long as those offered by typical therapists, and we are seeing our clients several times a week. Thus, typical insurance reimbursement rates are not adequate to cover the specialized treatment we provide. As a result, there are no OCD specialists in any insurance network in the state of Kentucky. Most of our clients have tried in-network therapists before they decide to come to Louisville OCD Clinic to get treatment that actually works. They tell us they wish they had come to see us first, as many have wasted months or years with ineffective approaches.

Low Cost Options

Lower cost options are available for clients without insurance or who cannot get insurance reimbursement. We have therapists who are willing to accept clients on a sliding scale as needed. As a result, no clients who are suffering with OCD are turned away due to ability to pay. Please call us to inquire.

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