Jenifer Viscusi, M.A.

Jenifer Viscusi at our OCD therapy clinic Therapist & Research Assistant

Jenifer Viscusi, M.A., is a clinical psychology practicum student working under the supervision of Dr. Monnica Williams at the Behavioral Wellness Counseling Clinic in Louisville, KY. Her primary approach to treatment involves cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), which focus on the relationships between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. She has expertise in Exposure and Ritual Prevention (Ex/RP) for OCD, and Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) for interpersonal issues. Jenifer is particularly interested in obsessive-compulsive related disorders, but also enjoys working with individuals with various presenting issues associated with anxiety disorders and PTSD.

Jenifer is currently working toward her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. She is also a visiting research assistant at the Center for Mental Health Disparities at the University of Louisville. Her research interests include: obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, sexual health and functioning as related to mental health, and the impact of mental health on family members and loved ones. Jenifer currently serves as Campus Representative for the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students as an advocate for mental health legislation and awareness.

Prior to pursuing her degree in clinical psychology, Jenifer spent four years in Florence, Italy working as counselor to American students abroad, providing social and emotional support. Her experience expanded her awareness of multicultural issues and challenges. Jenifer is also fluent in the Italian language. After living abroad, she moved to New York City, and worked several years in global finance, a field in which she honed her analytical skills in a fast-paced, high-demand environment. It is in New York that Jenifer also found her passion for psychology through years of volunteering nights and weekends in suicide prevention with The Samaritans of New York.

Selected Publications

Viscusi, J. A. & Williams, M. T. (in press). Treating Sexual Orientation Obsessions. In M. T. Williams & C. T. Wetterneck (eds). Treating Sexual Obsessions in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Oxford University Press.

Williams, M. T., & Viscusi, J. A. (2016). Hoarding disorder and a systematic review of treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 45(2), 93-110. doi: 10.1080/16506073.2015.1133697

Research & Presentations

Viscusi, J., Williams, M. T., Wettereck, C.T., & Seibell, P.J. (2016, July). OCD and Sexual Functioning. Panel discussion at the International OCD Foundation Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

Williams, M. T., Tellawi, G., Davis, D. M., Viscusi, J., & Leins, C. (2016, July). OCD and Minority Status. Panel discussion at the International OCD Foundation Annual Conference, Boston, MA (1.5 CEs).

Tellawi, G., Viscusi, J., Miller, A., Williams, M., & Chasson, G. S. (2015, August). OCD and Marital Satisfaction: A Comparison of Individuals with OCD and their Spouses. Poster presented at the International OCD Foundation Conference, Boston, MA.

Tellawi, G., Sawyer, B. A., Davis, D. M, Bruce, S. L., Viscusi, J., Lewis, C., & Williams, M. (2014, July). Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Marital Satisfaction. Poster presented at the International OCD Foundation Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.