Meet Our Clinicians

Our team is trained in the best treatments for OCD. We also know that treatment is hard. Our approach is to use the best treatments, personalized with your unique needs, and used at your pace, to make sure that you have the most successful recovery journey possible.

Clinical Director

Dr. Levinson is a licensed psychologist, health service provider, and clinical supervisor at the Louisville OCD Clinic. 

Associate Clinical Director

Dr. Russell,  is a Licensed Psychologist. He supervises and trains doctoral students and other clinical trainees. 

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Sarah Schirmer, DNP has over 10 years of experience in mental health care. She began her career as a licensed professional clinical counselor working with children and families after completing a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Louisville in 2006.
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sawyer obtained his master’s degree from the University of Louisville, completing his internship at Stony Brook University Counseling and Psychological Services. He earned his doctorate in 2019.

Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Whitley Paden is a postdoctoral fellow at the Louisville OCD Clinic where she receives training and regular supervision in the treatment of OCD and eating disorders.

Psychological Practitioner

Sara Sutphin, MEd, is a licensed psychological practitioner and therapist. She has over 12 years experience. 


Amanda Velez, M.S.S.W., is a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate (MFTA) trained to utilize Exposure Response and Ritual Prevent (ERP) therapy for the treatment of OCD.

Licensed Psychological Associate

Brenda Arellano, M.S., L.P.A., is a bilingual, Licensed Psychological Associate. 

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Kristina Waters, MSSW, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate has been trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). 


Lindsay James, C.S.W., is a certified social worker that specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and trauma. 

Doctoral Student Therapist

Jessica Dowell, M.A., is a therapist the Louisville OCD Clinic. Jessica received bachelors degrees in psychology and political science, as well as her masters in Counseling Psychology, at the University of Louisville.

Doctoral Student Therapist

Skyler Green, M.A., is a doctoral student therapist for the Louisville OCD Clinic, where she is supervised by Dr. Broderick Sawyer. 

Doctoral Student Therapist

Anna Ortiz, M.S., is a doctoral student therapist at the Louisville OCD Clinic, supervised by Dr. Cheri Levinson.


Natalie Senninger, R.D.N., L.D., is a dietitian at the Louisville OCD Clinic.

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